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From custom design rounds/bars and Branded Precious Metals Bullion to Challenge Coins - The SilverTowne Mint can do it for you!

SilverTowne Bullion

If you take a look out our Retail Website you can see all of our currently available bullion pieces/designs. All produced in .999 Fine Silver, from Christmas Themes to Animals, Religious and Special Occasions designs we have it all! Want something else? Look into our custom design bullion.

SilverTowne Brand Bullion

SilverTowne mints numerous bullion pieces for its own retail line of sales - take a look at our Retail Website and you can easily see our SilverTowne Logo Branded Bullion. Over the years SilverTowne Branded Bullion has become an industry recognized and respected brand for quality and purity standards.

Custom Design Bullion

Do you have business logo you'd like to have put on a bullion piece for promotion? How about a special occasion to celebrate? You dream it, we can make it happen. SilverTowne has customers Big and Small so from initial concepts to die creation even custom enameling - SilverTowne has got you covered.

Challenge Coins

Having been in business for over 44 years, we are one of the leading suppliers of challenge coins and custom minting. Challenge Coins are common among those serving our country as members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Sheriff, Police and Fire & Rescue. Get custom challenge coins made today!


Here are some Precious Metal Bullion features that SilverTowne has Minted.

SilverTowne Branded Bullion

Feature: 10oz SilverTowne Logo Bar

Custom Bullion Designs

Feature: Custom Pieces for Businesses

Challenge Coins (Medallions)

Feature: Custom Challenge Coins


  • 1949

    Humble Beginnings

    "From a cigar box under a lunch counter to a multi-million dollar business." Founded in 1949 by Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson, SilverTowne started as a small family-run business in numismatics and precious metals.

  • 1973

    SilverTowne Sees Opportunity for Bullion Manufacturing

    SilverTowne started minting its own products on Bliss Press and Nickel Presses in the early 70s. SilverTowne saw the trend of bullion 'catching on' and there weren't many businesses making proprietary bullion items so we jumped in!

  • 1985

    SilverTowne Mint Expansion

    In May of 1985 SilverTowne moved its Bullion Manufacturing to Larger Facilities in Winchester, Indiana. The expansion was needed due to space limitations and future company goals.

  • Late 1980s

    SilverTowne Hand-Paints Bullion

    SilverTowne fast saw the value in hand-painting/hand-enameling bullion pieces for 'gifting'. Consumers loved the extra 'touch' and SilverTowne was one of the only businesses offering this unique option which we still do today!

  • Present

    SilverTowne Mint Meets Industry Demands

    The SilverTowne Mint produces hundreds of thousands of ounces of .999 Silver Bullion product on a monthly basis - from business small to large, SilverTowne can be the bullion producer of choice for your business!

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When you want custom designs created, need assays done or even if you want to become a Wholesale Dealer these are the people you need to talk to!

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Retail Website: www.SilverTowne.com

Customer Service: 1-877-477-COIN (2646)


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